Switching plans to a new phone

So I moved from Michigan to Texas, my step-father is paying for the family plan. I bought a new phone that is different then my current phone and I was wondering if there was a way to transfer my plan to the new phone without having to send my new one all the way to Michigan.

Bought it already unlocked and its currently has no SIM card.

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Re: Switching plans to a new phone


Does the SIM card from the current phone fit into the new phone? If so, just transfer the SIM card between the two devices.

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Re: Switching plans to a new phone

Community Manager
Community Manager

DONNY0226, congratulations on your move to Texas. You may activate an unlocked device that is compatible on our network, on your mobile number. For your convenience, this equipment change can be processed online at My Verizon: http://vz.to/2ix0i3P  


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