Switch done by Verizon Store to Edge Plan


This morning I upgraded two of my Verizon phones at a discounted price.  I have an older family plan that includes an upgrade for agreeing to a new two year contract.  I upgraded both phones online and marked one for "in store pickup" for my son as he lives 30 miles away.  I paid for it on my credit card.  The other upgrade is being sent to my house.  

I got the notification that my phone was ready for the in store pickup so I told my son who went to the store to get the new phone.  I got a call from the sales person at the store saying that he wasn't on my account and I needed to give him permission to pick up the phone.  The sales person texted me a 6 digit code that I read back to him over the phone. My son left with the phone and all seemed fine until he told me there would be a $20 a month charge on my bill for the phone with some sort of rebate. This seemed "fishy" to me so I called Verizon customer service who informed me that my son's phone number had been switched to the new "edge" plan.  Aparently the sales person wrote up a new order for the phone with the "edge" plan that was going to charge us $500 for the phone (vs $140 for the discounted upgrade).  WTF!  The customer service person said that since the phone was within the 14 day period it could be returned for a refund.  I had my son do this at the store and told them to go back to the original order. We got credit for the $500 and my son left with the same phone. It really upsets me that the store would do such a thing.  My guess is that they have some sort of commision incentive to sign people up for the edge plan which is why the pulled this stunt.  If I had waited for my first bill to arrive to notice this deceit it would have been beyond the 14 day window and I would have had a very hard time trying to fix this. Just thought the rest of you should be aware of this lowlife tactic.

I'll be watching my bill to ensure it is accurate.   

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