Still no Verizon Up


Have the verizon app on my android phone for few years.  It is up to date.  Looked all through it and no "Up".  Redownloaded the app but still no "Up".  Followed the stuff on the website.  Gone back and did that all over again a few times but still the same thing.  Well, it is nowhere to be found on My Verizon App on my phone.  What am I doing wrong?

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Re: Still no Verizon Up

Community Manager
Community Manager

Blaaab, I'm excited to hear that you want to sign up for Verizon Up, and I'm happy to assist with determining why you are experiencing difficulty. Let's figure this out, so you can enjoy the benfits.


What make & model device are you using to download the My Verizon app? Are you currently on a monthly service agreement, or do you have a Prepaid Verizon account?


This information will help us uncover what's going on, so we can find a solution.



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