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Still no FM chip???


I just spent 30 minutes on the phone with a customer service rep in trying to get an updated status on if Verizon was going to release access to the FM chip already installed on most phone. She was searching and searching through her files and did not know the firmware was currently being blocked and she at first thought it would be useful to have, I had it on my sprint Android phone and it came in handy all of the time. After not being able to find anything I was put on hold and she spoke with her manager and then came back to the phone and gave me the run-around on how there are so many apps out there that it is no longer practical to have that function on phones. The apps I want to use utilize that FM chip though and the fact that Verizon is now one of the remaining large competitors that are still blocking the FM chip for use is ridiculous.

Is there any solution or answer by Verizon to when this will  be changed?

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Re: Still no FM chip???

Sr. Leader

Verizon doesn't want to pay the licensing fee to the manufacturer's, the manufacturer's don't want to pay the licensing fee. There is no solution and I would not be holding my breath for this to change anytime soon. If FM is important to you in your cell phone, look somewhere else, or buy a proper emergency back up FM/AM/Short Wave radio for emergency purposes, which I highly recommend. The overall market for FM radio on a cell phone is small, so it is a very small vocal minority that even wants this. I think it is useless personally. I don't ever listen to radio anymore.