Shady Verizon deals


So I'm on the 10 Gb More Everything plan and I'm getting close to going over my data allotment. So I get on My Verizon to check my options. Lo and behold they say I can upgrade to 12 Gb's for the same $80. Cool. I sign up and avert any overage charges. Then my next bill comes and I find out they have switched me from the More Everything plan to the Verizon plan and my device charges went from $15 to $20. Talk about an underhanded screw job.

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Re: Shady Verizon deals

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Your satisfaction and clear disclosure are paramount to us Bruce. I apologize for any confusion surrounding your previous and current plans. The Verizon Plan $20 access fee is noted on our website, please confirm at this link http://www.verizonwireless.com/landingpages/cell-phone-plans/

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