Service getting worse after years of having great service.


We have had verizon for a few years due to the fact that verizon is the only service that works here. 23873 zip cod . My service has been great for years. For the last week the service has dropped off to nothing. I have called customer servic . They had me pull the sim card and reset the network. Nothing worked. Our internet is the verizon mifi. It us also sketchyat best but all we have at the moment. We have used all the data on the mifi because we have no service otherwise. I pay 225.00 a month for 2 phone and 1 mifi with unlimited data. But I cant get on the internet, I cant make a phone call, I cant sent a text message  This needs to be fixed!! I'm sick of paying so much money for nothing. I have 2 samsung s8+ on my account. My son has his own plan, he has a new samsung galaxy from this yea . He is also having service issues. Please contact me to resolve this issue. I tried to call again today but there was a 29 minute wait time.