Seriously Verizon?!


I’ve been trying for days to get a hold of Verizon for literal DAYS!! Every time I schedule myself to get called back, I have never receive a phone call. When I’m on hold, I’m hung up on. I try using the live chat, and it says that I am in collections (I pay my monthly bill on time every single time, and I’m actually owed $65 as it shows on my current bill), and tells me to call. They won’t engage with me on live chat. I traded in my old cell phone over four months ago, and I still have not received any credit and I never received the submission ID or confirmation email.  I am BEYOND disgusted with this entire thing. The balance due on three of my lines has disappeared for NO reason. Seriously?! Why don’t you have email support or someone who will answer the dang phone. It’s enough to make me go to AT&T or Sprint. I’ve been with Verizon for over seven years, but y’all are really trying my patience.