Security Concern; Worst customer service experience ever!


My credit card that my account was linked to expired. I linked my bank account to Verizon a week or two ago. I got about 10 phone calls and several texts today that my account was past due, because even though my bank account was linked, and autopay was set up, they weren't going to charge my auto pay for another 2 weeks. If only that was everything.

When I got home today and saw all that, I tried to log into my account. Of course it was on a "new device" meaning I hadn't logged into it for a quite, so it asked me a security question I couldn't possibly remember. My favorite restaraunt in college? There's only two possibilities but of course both were incorrect. I tried to chat with a customer service rep, but guess what, have to be logged in to do that.

But wait, it gets much *much* worse.

After waiting on hold for 10 minutes and disconnecting, and waiting 10 minutes again. I decided to try to login to the site again. This time I used "forgot my password". Get this, they let me do it, and texted a verification code to my phone, and I was able to change my password and log in.

I need you to think about this from a security perspective for a minute. It is easier to steal someone's phone and reset their password than it is for you to LOG THE HECK IN. Seriously,... I cannot make this up.

Every annoying little thing they do in the name of security is based around making the customer's experience worse and a thief's experience better. As a software architect, shame on you Verizon. Shame on you.



Re: Worst customer service experience ever.

Community Manager
Community Manager

aerathi, I understand wanting to have your information as secure as possible. It's why we have you create an Account PIN, which has to be verified in numerous cases to make changes, and why we send only confirmation texts to devices on the account. Many smartphones have additional security put in by the manufacturer, which allow them to be secured when stolen. I'd be happy to review any questions you have about account security.


Also, as a helpful guide, I'm going to include the Auto-Pay FAQ guide. It has several helpful links/instructions, which help you manage your Auto-Pay: