Rolling over my Data past expiration due to COVID


Can I roll over my Data past the expiration date considering the COVID-19 situation that has me in quarantine...I don't use my data at home cuz I have wifi but I use it when I go out...which I cannot do until the covid guidelines are lifted and especially considering that I'm more susceptible to getting infected due to my severe lung disease condition, pulmonary can I please rollover my data of 15.5 gigabytes until like at least September or even October 🙏👼🙏  its impossible to get a customer agent on the phone so can someone please help me with this issue?! 🥺

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Re: Rolling over my Data past expiration due to COVID

Customer Support

Hello Deanwavo68! We know this are difficult times, and we are happy to help. Just to clarify, the rollover data will automatically expire after 1 cycle. At this time we are not making any changes on the rollover data. However, we would love to review your account, and make sure we help you in any way we can. Please reply to our private note.