Revalidating for the 50% Apple Discount does not work for corporate employees.


I have a discount through my employer Apple Corporate.  Verizon would like me to re-validate my eligibility within the next 5 days to continue receiving my Sales Maker discount. If we have access to InfoCenter, the link to the enrollment page is in the InfoCenter Sales Maker page through www.source.apple.com. But we don't have access to InfoCenter link currently.

I received 2 email messages noting that I needed to revalidate my employee discount. However I’m unable to due to a dead URL link that cannot be accessed currently.

And it states: Your employment validation is not complete. Refer to the Recent Submissions section below for more information. Please complete your employment validation by 05/31/2019.
I applied with the link: https://source.apple.com/basic-page/verizon-salesmaker-program-redirect (which is now a dead link)
When I applied it was directly online with the link mentioned above. Unfortunately we don't know who the coporate connection nor know if we have a Verizon contact (which I was told to contact) at the Apple office in Sunnyvale/Cupertino.
NOTE: my personal email is tied to the account holder (myself) andmy work email got me validated the first time.

MyVerizon asks for my work email, and actually remembers the email that I provided when I set up the discount initially.  It has not changed, so I click OK, and I'm brought to a webpage that says "We're Sorry.  The data provided does not match your account profile."


Given that I have provided no data, I find this to be a really useless error message.  Can anybody provide any insight into what is going on?