Returned status on payment for months?


They are doing the same to me as well!  My bank has paid them 3 months in a row and they say that the payments were returned but yet the bank shows they were paid!  Verizion never credited my account! The bank and Verizion can't account for my money! I believe someone else's account has been credited and they won't admit it so I'm paying the price for it and I've been with Verizion for 18yrs!  They offer no incentives for loyal members!  They kepp this up I will be switching in 9 months when my contract is up too! 


Re: Cash only status ..really?

Sr. Leader

Have you contacted financial services and told them your bank paid them each month and the payment went through?   Try contacting through social media so you can submit proof of payments.  Alternately file a BBB complaint so that they will contact you about the missing payments