Replacement time frame?


I recently ordered a Droid Turbo.  When ordered on a Saturday from a Verizon storefront, told it would take (2) business days.  And sure enough, by Wednesday of the following week it was there.  Happy day!

But by Thursday morning.... the microphone on the phone malfunctioned - and it no longer served as a phone, but as a nice, small, "tablet."  Went to the store to see about a replacement... and was told 5-7 business days.  Okay, I'll bite.  Seeing how it is the special edition phone (ballistics nylon) and I already enjoyed using it for 4 hours... if a new one takes (2) business days to arrive, but a "replacement" takes 5-7, who am I to judge the Verizon gods?

I pushed my luck and called the store after 3 business days.  Quick response:  We'll call you when it comes in.  Um, did you even take down my name and look up my order?  You must have recognized my pleasant voice on the phone.  But since I thrive on patience, I'll give it a few more days.

After six business days I went back to the store... you know, cause I got nothing better to do... and NO ONE TO TALK TO.    Different sales clerk this time.  "Didn't I tell you 3-5 business days when you were here?"  Um, did you even wait on me the last time?  Are you just blowing smoke up my butt?  Okay, I've got nothing to go on but your obviously truthful disposition.... as you hurriedly push some keys and ask me some fairly relevant questions like my phone number.  Oh yes, here it is... I'm sure it will be here by Monday or Tuesday.

Tomorrow is Tuesday.  Granted no tracking number... unlike when I first ordered.  But I'm sure it'll be here.  And seeing how I use my phone for work, it's going awesomely well that no one can actually talk to me.  Appreciate it. 

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Re: Replacement time frame?

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Sounds like an interesting situation and I'm sure you're frustrated.  Heres to hoping they actually come through for you...