Refurbished replacement phones


I bought a brand new Google pixel, and since then I have had to have it replaced due to "technical" issues on the phones part. I want to say this week's replacement "refurbished" phone was number 4 but in actually it just may in fact be the 5th one. Just like all the others, with each refurbished replacement the problems not only are the same, which leads to yet another refurbished replacement. But the malfunctions are adding up this time the volume is doing a ghost controlling itself which they tell me there's nothing they can do this is their protocol.

To add insult to injury I might add, that the reason I left Sprint to go with Verizon from the beginning was I had a Galaxy Samsung 8 which I loved until one day it literally heated up my ear. Literally cracked leaving tiny slivers of glass in my ear. They were compassionate after I shared with them. Not only the reason was leaving to get my new service with them from Sprint but the importance of the of proper service but most important a properly functioning phone.

Those things being w when that Galaxy from Sprint heated n cracked against my ear, Sprint had no issues replacing immediately overnight. No less I stressed t to the supervisor that my mother d suffered from severe mental illness and it was critical I got my phone overnight; I would pay that fee. Should I have to 3 days later, still no phone so I called from a neighbor's phone again stressing my mom's illness.... god forbid she needed me, our only means of contact was Via cell phone.

The supervisor apologized placed me on hold came back and assured me it was in route. I would have it first thing in the morning or the next afternoon. Called again no phone, spoke with same lady who low behold discovered someone misplaced it and I it never made it into the outgoing mail. Well I got upset to say t the least and emotional and s sadly even still not receiving the phone for yet another 2 days after set up.

The first call received was to inform m me that there my mother had c committed suicide 3 days earlier my mother was gone because of what Sprint failed to do. So when I switched to Verizon I shared that story with them, also that I also not only suffered from mental illness but lived in a very remote place to where you need a phone too access any type of support\help and that it was crucial.  I needed things be handled properly because my safety and we'll bring was counting on that.

I didn't want or need pity or [removed] what I needed was to be clearly heard and understood so we decided to switch. I bought two brand new Google pixel and another phone for our daughter which kind you these pixel phones were cry expensive. when you life on disability and at first everything was great until it was not and this nightmare began and as I said could be the fifth but it's most definitely number forf of "refurbished" replacement phones I've had sent me the last several months I want resolve

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