Received a LG G3 for Christmas ...


My mother purchased my husband and myself each a G3 and 2 of our kids Galaxy S4's from Costco. We are all on the same plan which shes paying for. Now I must say we all love our phones but were not informed about the available insurance options nor were we told to keep phones in a protective case cause the gorilla glass shatters if dropped. Now I don't know where to begin or let alone who to speak to about what happened. I'm already mad due to the horrible insurance coverage that I've read about and the fact none of us were properly informed about anything at the time of purchase. Now my husband has a shattered phone that doesn't work because he slipped on ice, the phone fell with him and shattered. This is a new contract that started on the 25th that costs 80.00 per month per phone. I feel Verizon should replace the phone and possibly question what the buyer should be told at time of signing up..

Anyone have any ideas on what to do?

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Re: Received a LG G3 for Christmas ...

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I'm sorry to learn your husband's phone has become damaged, Mybluedreams. While insurance is one option to replace the broken phone, another would be our certified pre owned phones. http://vz.to/16vfYHl

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