Re: Submit a complaint?


I made payment arrangement with Verizon to pay my bill on the 25 of oct one customer care person accepted it and everything was ok.Spoke  with a supervisor she wanted me to pay the total amount which at time I couldn't to restore my phone that was the purpose of payment arrangement on the 25th she tell me I have to make a payment in 4 days if I had the money the day I called I would have paid it like I stated to her what's going to make her think 4 days Will be better she had a nasty attitude I am disabled but has been with Verizon for a long time they are getting ridiculous with this $7 charge when you call in to make arrangements I made arrangement online and they want except that but want me to call in so they can get the extra $7 I think once I pay this bill totally off. I think I will go with another company because this is getting ridiculous with Verizon they know they are one of the best companies but they take it to another level to where people are back and forth with them they're leaving going somewhere else then down the line. It may come back but you losing more customers just as well as you are getting the customers customer should always be happy but me I was not happy that day and they need to train the supervisors better on-air jobs I am not happy with Verizon at this moment I didn't get no satisfaction I'm very disappointed