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Protection Plan


Lost phone - Called VZW. They actually GAVE US advice to do protection plan and file claim, LIED and said it was a 20.00 (no misunderstanding here) deductible and could file for replacement. I purchased 3 lines of protection. They said it was no problem - just wait until changes were made. I CHALLENGE VZW to listen to the recording (they have it) - and explain to me that what we were not baited & switched. If this is a legitimate practice the AG for your state needs to be notified. I CANCELLED protection after there was a $199.00 deductible (300.00 phone) and refusal to protect. We were upfront with the rep from the get go - they straight up LIED to get us to buy the protection. I will buy a new S10e ( I have the discount) but I will also be changing service provider. If they did it to me - they are doing it to others. We have been a customer for A LONG TIME with multiple lines. No more, as we are moving on to another provider.


Re: Protection Plan

Customer Support

Hi JB1962,


We would never want to see you leave the Verizon Wireless family. We always want to provide accurate information and it saddens me to hear that this did not happen. We can help here. Our device protection insurance typically is added within 30-days of purchase for a new device or during an open enrollment period for an existing device that has no liquid or physical damage. Click here for details . Just to confirm, your insurance protection was added after the device was lost?