Problems persist after spending way too much time with customer support


I have spent countless hours with customer support via chat and phone call and I’m still having serious issues. My family has used Verizon for years.

I placed an order to upgrade my line recently, but I made a mistake on the color of iPhone I wanted. I contacted customer care immediately to see if they could cancel it so I could place a correct order. I figured for a $700+ phone, I may as well get the color I wanted. I was told this was fine, they canceled it and told me to reorder when I was ready. It wouldn’t allow me to upgrade anymore since the old order was still showing up. I was bounced around on customer care each night I contacted them. Each rep kept telling me either the site was down or to try again in a couple hours.

Finally I got a very nice rep on the phone who got it fixed and she insisted on walking me through the order so she could place it for me. I was sent a link to complete the order but I had issues getting it to complete the order. I finally was able to put an order through on my own through the website. It shipped out and my paypal was billed so I thought I was in the clear.

However, now there’s a Verizon charge on a card I did NOT use for the order and I was alerted by my bank’s fraud department. There are two incomplete orders I did not approve on my account, marked as ‘processing.’  I am at my wits end and cannot believe how needlessly complicated this has been. I am not going to pay twice especially after wasting so much time on what should have been a simple task. I need these invalid orders removed from my account and I don’t know who to contact anymore.


Re: Problems persist after spending way too much time with customer support

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for contacting us edouglass, I can't apologize enough for the issues you have been having with your order. It should have been a smooth and easy process, and we know your time is valuable. We do want to be sure we take care of fixing this order error for you as soon as possible. Next, we will need to access your account. I have sent you a Private Message so that we may begin.