Possible scam


I just received a text containing an authentication code to confirm adding a line to my account. I did not request adding a line! Text went on to say if I did not request this code to call My Verizon support immediately to stop any charges to my account. I tried an on-line chat with support but got a stock answer to go to their fraud prevention resource page and file a claim if I think it was fraud. I tried calling the support line (from the web page, not from the bogus text) but it was just automated stuff about about my bill with no option to speak to a representative. Should I worry?



Re: Possible scam

Customer Support

We want to help keep your account secure and appreciate you reaching out to us, Lcmcdee. The message that you received does sound like a valid message. Have you since logged in online to your account and if so, do you see any changes or open orders? If so, my best suggestion would be reaching out to our Fraud Team directly on the following site:http://spr.ly/6609ELj8U Please scroll down to the bottom of the page and complete a Secure Claim form. Our Fraud Department will then be in direct contact with you to help have this issue resolved.   ChrisM_VZW