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Poor/Rude Customer Care


I have been with Verizon 1 month and I have never in my life been talked to the way I was today on the customer care. MY bill is nothing like it's suppose to be and I was NOT told about my rebate and they would not apply it to my account when it was NOT my fault the sales guy didn't tell me about it. The Melissa girl I talked to on the phone was extremely RUDE and talked to me like complete garbage and acted like me calling was bothering her she was no help at all.


Re: Poor/Rude Customer Care

Customer Support

ruggieroii, this is never the experience we want you to have, especially as a new member of our family. Making sure you receive top-notch customer service support is always important. We will investigate this matter and forward your concern.


We want nothing more than to make sure your bill is accurate and that you receive a status update on your Rebate concern. Allow us the opportunity to take a closer look at the details. I have sent you a Private Message. Please respond to that message. Thank you.