Poor Online Chat Service


Verizon Wireless has poor chat service. I have had many bad experiences. Once with them claiming to help and say everything will be taken care of until the 2-week-no-returns period passed and then they turned around and said, "sorry there's nothing we can do."

Now recently I tried to change plans to save money and they said to wait till the next billing cycle. (However if I want to change my plan to spend more money, Verizon would be happy to take more moeny immediately.) After the billing cycle passed, no plan change. I try to chat to figure out what happened. They say "There's no record of a plan change, but I'd be happy to make that change and it will go into effect next billing cycle!" What?! What guarantee do I have that that "change" will take place and I won't have to go through all of this again? I tried to talk to a manager or figure out what else could be done and the person on chat closed it on me! Customer Service "hung up" on me, the customer, when I was not being disrectful or rude or anything. Just trying to get my problem resolved. 

This is not customer service. Through chat or phone line. Verizon is really lacking on caring for the customer.


Re: Poor Online Chat Service

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Chat support is indeed useless. I tried to pay off my phone via the My Verizon app and the dumb thing processed it as a bill payment even though the payment was made on the device pay off page.


Contacted chat support to do a forced buyout instead so that payment takes care of the phone next payment - this was late 2018. No forced buyouts and many lies over the course of 3 bill cycles about doing so with multiple chat reps. Eventually I did a charge back. Thankfully American Express actually cares about buyer protection.