Phone did factory reset on its own


I just woke up to my phone having done a factory reset as well....  It was on it's charger overnight (typical) and when I picked it up this morning and unlocked the screen with my code, the background was black, little android icon, and rainbow letters...  

I didn't get a chance to read the reset options. It just went dark, shut down, and reset. 

Now it keeps cycling through a open to "preparing your phone" then automatically going black in 10 sec. It doesn't turn off automatically, but it does wake up in a few seconds and makes me use my code to unlock, then cycles through the "preparing your phone" sequence again.  

I've shut it down manually. When it powers up, it cycles through this same 3 steps again.

Isn't it odd that it saved my 4 digit screen lock code and requires me to use it to get in? 

So bizarre. Heading to a local Verizon store when it opens. 


Re: Phone did factory reset on its own

Community Manager
Community Manager

We are here to help! I apologize for what is happening with your device. We want to get this resolved quickly. Please share your device make and model to begin. Were there any new applications installed the night before? Let's figure this out.BobbyN_VZW