Phone Scammers


I received a call today from caller ID "[removed] Unknown" automated male voice telling me my Verizon account had been compromised and to provide my logon account PIN number. I hung up and blocked the number. I hope those responsible for this kind of fraudulent activity burn in heck in gasoline underwear. 

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Re: Phone Scammers

Customer Support

MikeTertiary, thank you for providing us with the number that called you regarding this phishing phone call. I myself cannot wait to block these calls as soon as they come in either. I appreciate the steps you took to block the number and not provide any of your Verizon account information. I have reported this number to our Verizon Phishing Team so we can help prevent these call types in the future.


I also have some great news I wanted to share with you that will help limit and block these call types going forward. We are currently in the stages of making our Call Filter application free by the end of March 2019 to all Verizon Wireless customers. You can learn more about the steps we're taking to help protect your number and stop robocalls at the link attached. Does this help address your phishing/spam calling concerns going forward? http://spr.ly/6601EXsaz




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