Personal Opinion

  • I know that for those in customer care this is just a job. When you deal with individuals though it is personal. If you refuse to meet the needs of individuals dealing with their personal issues they can sometimes come across the wrong way. This can also be the case in reverse. Anything I post is not an attack on you personally. Please no one take offense. I have no issue with a individual doing there job. It really does not matter if I believe your service is great or poor. What does matter though is if the customer leaves the experience believing that every measure has been exhausted to reach an amicable resolution and every representative leave the experience believing they dealt with a reasonable customer who they would be happy to service again. I admit I  am not always a reasonable consumer but in the case of my note 10 plus 5g I don't believe every measure was exhausted to reach an amicable resolution. I leave this interaction with a bad taste in my mouth and can honestly say I used to recommend verizon to other people but unfortunately that is something I will not do again.