Paid that $15 for quicker shipping . . .


I, like others here, paid for my phone to be delivered to me in two days by 10:30 AM -- I knew it wasn't an overnight thing when I selected it. It's now noon and the Fedex update says it'll be here by 4:30. That delivery time was half the price of the morning delivery cost. Not happy. If I'd wanted it by the afternoon I wouldn't have paid for morning delivery. 

Yeah, the details of the shipment says it's standard delivery. Nope, not what I paid for. 

Bought this phone for my son who's in a halfway house. I wanted to make sure the phone could make decent calls before I made the trip to bring it to him. Are reasons for it to get to him today, and it's a four hour round trip. Probably will have to wait until tomorrow to bring it to him. So annoying, not to mention, I'd rather keep my money in my pocket . . .


Re: Paid that $15 for quicker shipping . . .

Customer Support

TossedbyWaves, we are so sorry for the shipping issues. As a parent, I know how essential it is for your son to have a phone as quickly as possible. The last thing we would ever want is for you to be billed a shipping charge when the phone is being delivered late. To better assist you, I sent you a private message. Please respond to the Private Message at your earliest convenience. JacobG_VZW