Paid off balance on phone, Verizon double charged me


I paid off the balance of my phone on Saturday and Verizon double charged my bank card.  I had a $260 balance that I paid off so that I could upgrade my phone, and they charged me twice.  I called Verizon, and it will take them 7-10 days to reverse the charge.  This is a bad time of year, with the holidays, for the company to be making a $260 mistake on a customer's account and not have the ability to address this in a more timely manner.  I asked if they could expedite this for me, and they did not have the ability to do this.  I asked if they could do anything - in good will - to appease my situation, like credit the upgrade fee for this phone, but they would not.  This is a terrible inconvenience for me during the holidays.  I find it hard to believe that Verizon could charge my account in a manner of a few minutes but cannot fix their mistake for 7 days.  A very poor customer experience!!

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