PIN emails consistently not arriving


The two-factor authentication process to log into my account online is causing me an ongoing headache. For some reason, when I request to have the PIN sent to my email, 9 times out of 10, the email does not arrive. Yes, I checked the spam folder. And why don't I just get it as a text message, you ask? Well, I am living the majority of the time outside the U.S. and there's no Verizon coverage where I am. I just held onto the line because I didn't want to break my contract -- although at this point, I would probably have paid less by breaking it -- and because it's convenient to have a working phone line when I come back to the States to visit.

As a result, every time I attempt to log in to pay my monthly bill (which is, I should note again, essentially a payment for nothing, as I am not even using the line -- you're welcome, Verizon) I get stuck at the second step of the two-step authentication process, because the PIN never arrives in my email inbox. Ditto when I then get locked out of my account for too many failed login attempts and Verizon wants to send me a link to reset my password. The email -- not always, but the majority of the time -- never arrives.

Now, Verizon, I'm not sure why you feel that your login process needs to resemble Fort Knox in the first place, but if you're going to insist on two-step authentication, then kindly make sure your email system works.

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Re: PIN emails consistently not arriving

Community Manager
Community Manager

Managing your account online should never cause you a headache, sewella. Account security is very important, and for that reason the system requires certain verification when accessing the account online, especially when accessing from outside the USA. We value your business and definitely want to keep you with VZW.


Are you currently unable to log in to your My Verizon account? You mentioned that you mostly access the account to make your payment. Have you tried processing your payment here Some customers have found it easier to process their payment using that site when they are out of the country. 


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