Overall Billing - Old Plan moving to new plan


Currently today we have the old 12G plan where a charge of ~$60 is applied for the plan and then individual phone charges of ~$25. If moving to the new line by line plan do you only pay the cost plus taxes? Example the Unilimited plan of $50 plus taxes only or do you still have the individual phone charge as well?


Re: Overall Billing - Old Plan moving to new plan

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The individual phone charge(line access fee) is already bundled into the $50/line charge for unlimited. There would not be an additional line charge on top of the $50/line. Keep in mind, that $50/line for unlimited is if you have 4 or more lines. If you have less than 4 lines, the monthly charge would be higher.

Re: Overall Billing - Old Plan moving to new plan

Community Manager
Community Manager

CS1522, being on the best plan for your needs is a must! I want to make sure you understand how the new plans fully work. On the Mix and Match Unlimited plans, you will just be charged for the plan itself. There are no more line access charges. 


As an example, if you have two lines: 

Line #1: Go Unlimited Plan $70.00

Line #2: Beyond Unlimited $85.00

Total: $155.00 + taxes


I hope this helps out. You can make a play around with the different plan options here to see what you can expect price wise: http://spr.ly/6602EgYV4