Outstanding Customer Service

On November 18th I was having problems with my I-Phone. Stopped in my local Verizon Store (Corner of Tusc and Whipple, Canton Ohio) which I was dreading for the last person to wait on me at this store was rude and acted like he didn't want to be bothered.I was immediately greeted with 2 employees that were just so happy and helpful... Amanda and Chelsie these two ladies had my friend and I laughing all the while explaining the life of an I-Phone 4..They also shared a video with us that the store had sent in as a contest they were having. I walked out smiling and with an upgrade to a Galaxy Core Prime which I love! Two days later brought my friend in and she did the same...These Ladies are a great example of a team that provides a great customer experience ! I have had several questions and returned to the store. Chelsie answered every question I had... Just wanted to say Thank You to these Ladies!

Beachcruiser921 and Friend

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