Order canceled but still recieved a tracking number


I chatted online today with a Verizon rep and ordered the Samsung Galaxy 40mm Active2 watch. After everything was complete, I checked my email and realized that the rep actually ordered 44mm watch, not the 40mm. I contacted Verizon right away who assured me the order was canceled and the correct watch would be sent. I recieved a new email and a new order number. But...now my account shows TWO watches were added (44mm and 40mm) with an additional TWO phone numbers added. I have also received a tracking number for the order that was supposed to be canceled. Can anyone explain what might be going on? I guess, worse case scenario, I get two watches and can just return the 44mm one, right? Maybe they cannot technically cancel orders and just request a send back from FedEx...? I'll just have to ride it out!