Online Order Still Processing After 5 Days


How long does it take to process an online order? I'm a new customer, trying to switch from AT&T. I ordered an iphone 8+  256gb, but have yet to receive it. I spent more on shipping with my phone case (from OtterBox's site) so it would arrive at the same time and still no phone in the mail.

I called verizon customer support and was placed on hold for 20 minutes. When someone finally picked up, I was told they couldn't look into my info since I don't have a Verizon account. They provided me a number for "Telazone" or something (was hard to understand the agent). I was led to believe that this was some sort of outsourced company that handles this kind of request for Verizon. I called the number after a few minutes only to find out that this was yet another number for the Verizon customer service automated system.

I paid with PayPal, so i won't get charged until this gets processed. I wanted Verizon so I could get a better signal at work, but if this the way customers are treated, I'd be more than happy to cancel my order or leave it in PayPal limbo. I'm sure AT&T would want my $900.

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