Note 10 Trade in is a scam. Very dissatisfied with the service. Don't do the trade in


I pre-orderd Note 10 plus, along with trade-in promotion for my previous Galaxy S8 plus phone.
The phone was estimated to have $450 for the trade in, and I was happy to send my device.
My phone didnt have any cracks and it was in very good condition.
2 weeks later, I received an email for $65 only,  reason being " Your screen was unresponsive or had cracks"

I have done many researches online and found out I am not the only one but Verizon often does this to its customers. I know the trade-in department is Verizon's subcontractor and customer representative tries to avoid its responsibility by saying that they have nothing to do with the trade-in device. Of course, Customer service rep just pulls out info on the screen, with no new information other than what I already know.

I concated customer service department twice, they all said same answer "They cannot do anything with the device." What Verizon needs to know is that it is Verizon who is responsible for any cusotmer dissatisfaction. Wherever the compalins are coming from, it is your job to solve the problem and make adjustment.

I've been loyal customer of Verizon for 14 years, didnt change my number, didnt change service. Rather, I urged my friends to switch from other carriers to Verizion for its good service/reception.

If I knew I would get $65 for my great condition S8+, I would rather keep it and use it for myself. $65 credit for my $1099 Note 10+ doesnt seem to be very helpful. Also, I could've use my Insurance, pay deductible for new phone, and then trade in the phone.

It seems unfair that Verizon is urging me to take whatever value the subcontractor trade-in value department is offering. I am not making this up after turning an cracked phone to get $400 for no reason. I am demanding what I should've gotten after trading the phone in.

I am very dissatisfied with the service. I am thinking about cancelling my new phone and switch to other carriers for the first time in 10+ years. I am very frustated by Verizon's pooor service. I hope none of others get scammed or become a victim like me.