Not Receiving Certain Text Messages


I had a Droid Turbo 2 phone and just recently upgraded to a Pixel 2.  I have experienced the following issue with both phones, which leads me to believe it could be the network. 

I don't receive text messages from certain people.  It's not consistent and the people who I am issues with changes.  For example, friend A sent me text messages singular or in a group with no issues with my Droid Turbo 2.  Now with my Pixel 2, I cannot obtain any text messages from her.  She receives my text messages fine.  She has an iPhone 7.

A second example, I wasn't receiving text messages from friend B with the Turbo phone, but now with the Pixel, I receive them no problem.   I don't know what type of phone she has.

I checked my "blocked" list and neither one of these individuals is in there.  Also, we found some "fixes" online to download, however, none have worked.   It appears it's the network and not necessarily the phone as I received a lot of text messages daily from many people with all types of phones, including iPhone7's.

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Re: Not Receiving Certain Text Messages

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We never want you to miss a single message. Let's work together to get to the bottom of this. What messaging app are you using? Does this also impact picture messages? What troubleshooting have you tried from online research? 

Has the friend with the iPhone 7 tried deleting the message thread and starting a new one?


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