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I live in a neighborhood that is a old one, but it seems every time I am in my house I get no service, this is only with verizon, WHY, I have had other services never had this issue, my house does not have lead walls or roof, it's a typical house, does verizon have a booster? I paid good money for the phone but I am tired of having to go outside or hang out a window to talk, took it to the store they said they had to change the card, they did that it still doesn't work, the way I see I will not have to pay any early termination of your product does not work while I am in my house it's not worth having the service, I can not even post this it says your server is down that's just more proof it is junk, I have verizon fios the 100/100. And I can't get service to even post this comment, I have tried to use the phone and home internets, neither one works, I will wait until I go out tomorrow and try

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi gary1121,

I want you to be able to use  your phone all of the time! We'd be happy to check your area for you and see what's going on. Is this a new issue, or did  you just move to the area? We do have a Network Extender that is like a mini-tower inside your home: vzw.com/networkextender

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