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These past couple weeks have been very stressful as I try to replace my old prepaid phone with a newly-acquired Verizon Galaxy S5. I've been trying to get a SIM card to get my device running and the Verizon Twitter account said I would be able to have one of these shipped to me free of charge.

Well, I contacted the prepaid department numerous times, the sales department, I've been given other 800 numbers to call, been transferred around a lot and the representatives keep disconnecting me when they ask for a few moments to resolve my issue.

It's becoming a big pain, as I have a phone that I've been unable to use. Please help me resolve this issue. Verizon support has been great until the last couple weeks, and I feel like no one is able to complete this for me. Please help!

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Re: New SIM Card (Prepaid) HELP

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Your best option is to go to a corporate store if one is near you.  This is the fastest way and free.


Re: New SIM Card (Prepaid) HELP

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Congratulations on the new Galaxy S5! I regret to hear that you've been having issues activating your new device though. We'd love to offer our assistance, but we only have support for Postpaid accounts through this channel. We'll have to recommend reaching back out to Prepaid support at 1-888-294-6804.

Have you thought about activating your device on a Postpaid account? If so, our sales experts can assist you at 888-924-7937. Thanks!


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