How do I add my existing and once working, mynumbers numbers to the app?

The FAQ page lies.  It says click a page that appears ONCE when you add number #1.  And never there after.


So once, when I set this up, I added both. I have two.

Then for some reason I was not getting calls. I opened the app and behold I was logged out and needed to re-authorize.  No idea why.

But it only did this for the first number and no longer returns to the main page to reauthorize, add, or otherwise use #2 number in the app.

No google, no search, no support person, not a goddamnable way in heck to actually DO this.

action poor design and ZERO support.


Re: Mynumbers

Community Manager
Community Manager

We want you to get the most from My Numbers, ITrulyHateU. Sorry to learn of the issues you are experiencing but, help is on the scene. Do you have the latest available software on your device? When attempting to set up the alternative number, are you following the steps listed on the following site? http://spr.ly/6606EChBu ChrisM_VZW