My number shows restricted


Starting a little earlier this evening, my wife couldn't find her phone so I called her...it showed up as restricted. I'm a starred contact on her phone and she is the same on mine. I called my son's phone and I show up fine. As far as I know we haven't changed anything. We don't have any blocks on and I'm even sharing my caller ID, but that won't matter because I'm in her contacts. I can't figure it out.

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Re: My number shows restricted

Community Manager
Community Manager

This is very strange, davojones22. I understand that your number shows as restricted when you call your wife, but it shows OK if you call your son. We need some additional information to determine the correct path to resolve this issue.


When was the last time that your phone number displayed correctly on your wife’s phone when you call her?

Have you been told that you number shows as restricted when you call any other number?

What is her phone model?

What is your phone model?




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