My experience with Verizon...


Any help to fix this would be appreciated.

My experience with Verizon.  

End of May switch to Verizon, everyones phones are new or fairly new so no new phones needed.  They are doing the $250 bring your device over.  Send in the order which all has to be done online due to Covid.  {took forever}

Took 2 weeks to get the phones working... {not sure who this problem belongs to Att or Verizon}  Had an IPAD added on when we switched and did the monthly payment for it.  June, July both months one of our 4 phones just QUIT working which required new phones.  Bought them outright and paid the new activation fee on both months plus the phone .... next month {August} my iPad all of a sudden is move to be paid in full AND NOT ONE person could tell me why or help me so I was FORCED to pay another $1000 making three months in a row where I paid over $1000 for phones and the phone bill....  NICE RIGHT.......  all of the while still no $250 gift card..... and remember I have four I should get.  Spent probably a total of 20-25 hours on the phone in total regarding the service and the iPad force billing and the lack of gift cards when I finally get a girl that says she can help and it will process.   Today I get an email with two tracking numbers saying it can't process the gift card and an email with the same numbers saying here is your gift cards.   The thought of calling Verizon makes my stomach hurt.  Seriously is there somewhere to go for help....  You would think a company would love a client that has a $350 phone bill every single month.  Where does one go for help.........  any other thing I can do besides call or live chat.