My Verizon wont let me switch devices?


When I go to switch devices, it lets me get all the way through until the final steps. Then when I go to submit it it says "my Verizon is temporarily unavailable or some thing like that, please try again later". It has been saying this for a while. Im switching from a 3g iPhone 4 to a 4g iPhone 5c. How do I fix this problem and switch devices?

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Re: My Verizon wont let me switch devices?

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It might simply be the case that you are switching from a 3G to a 4G phone which might throw the system into confusion.  Best to visit a corporate store for a SIM card.  You can call and order one, or use Live Chat to order one, and if you do have a SIM from a previously activate phone on your account for YOUR line, you may be able to activate with it.