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My girlfriend recently misplaced her phone. I went to suspend service on it. We were in two different time zones and very close to midnight. I suspended her service and set the automatic reactivation for the next not realizing that midnight is officially the next day. I figured it would take a few minutes for the deactivation to take place. So about 5 minutes later I went to see if the phone was active. Well in that 5 minutes midnight had come and gone and the phone was active again. Not knowing this I assumed my original deactivation didn't work, so I suspended it again. Well lo and behold, she found her phone in the am. I went to reactivate it and was told that I reached my maximum react/deactivation for the day. When I called customer service, they told me I had to wait til midnight that day before it could be reactivated. I have never deact/reactivated any of my phones in the many years I've been a loyal Verizon customer. You think will an unlimited plan with the most data available they could make an exception for a loyal customer who does not abuse the deactivation/deactivation feature. My girlfriend, of course me being out of town, her having health issues, and not having a home phone, has to go until midnight, 15 hours away at this point, without contact with the outside world. Come on Verizon, vthere are exceptions to all rules.

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Except that it is a system limitation that cannot be over ridden. What she can do is use Facebook Messenger to contact friends using wifi. And the phone should at least be able to call 911.