Message+ not sending over Wifi on S6 Edge


I have terrible service at work (Verizon is actually trying to fix that) and the Message+ will not send over wifi. I know the Verizon techs have canned responses so I have tried everything below:

1. Uninstalled all of the updates for message+ (wont let me completely uninstall the APP), reinstalled them and restarted the phone. Does not work

2. I can access the internet and use other apps using the web. My connection is not the issue

3. I have deleted the cache for the message+ app. Still nothing

4. Message+ has issues sending at work where Samsung's base messaging app works fine for the most part (I think I just answered my question on what to use) but would like to send messages over wifi

5, Phone is fully up to date

@Verizon tech, please don't fluff me with your canned response. Just give me steps to try and fix this



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Re: Message+ not sending over Wifi on S6 Edge


Also, please note that I have signed up for the Messaging on the website and enabled the option to sync via settings in the app