Mailing addresses & fax #s for Verizon Support?


Can anyone point me to a fax # or mailing address (not PO address) for Verizon Support?

I've had an epic four months since my account was hacked and my plan was changed in December 2014. Verizon has been unable to restore my plan (Nationwide Canada Share 1400, which allowed me to make calls while traveling in Canada without incurring roaming charges) and instead substituted a plan that led to roaming charges when calling from Canada last month.

When I called today -- my 3rd lengthy call with Verizon since my account was hacked in December -- they said two things:

1. They won't restore the  Nationwide Canada Share 1400 , but will offer comparable coverage that costs me $15 extra each month (extra vs. what I had been paying for the Nationwide Canada Share 1400 until December), and

2. They won't remove the roaming charges from last month -- somehow they don't think they are responsibl for misunderstanding the difference between "I make calls to Canada" vs. "I travel in Canada and use my Verizon service there", the latter being what I've done for 5 years with Verizon.

I find both of these things pretty unbelievable and would like to bring them to the attention of someone, anyone in Verizon who cares and might be able to help me. That's why I'm hoping for a fax # and physical mailing address. The VW reps I've dealt with thus far are all polite and courteous, but apparently powerless to do what would seem to me to be customer service 101: help the customer restore his account the way it was before it was compromised via Verizon's own web site.


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Re: Mailing addresses & fax #s for Verizon Support?

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Community Manager
I'm sorry to learn that your plan was changed without your authorization PObbard! I have sent you a direct message as I want to review this issue further. Please reply to my message and I'll explore options to resolve.  AntonioC_VZW  Follow us on Twitter @VZWSupport  If my response answered your question please click the "Correct Answer" button under my response. This ensures others can benefit from our conversation. Thanks in advance for your help with this!!