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I am getting really sick and tired of your service and your crap.  I tried to chat with one of your "customer reps" online which took over 5 minutes to get in contact with someone. In addition, she told me I could not get the Verizon Edge because none of my lines were currently eligible for upgrade and that I would have to get another line on my account to get the phone. That is a piece of crap. I have had you guys for over 5 years and this is how you treat me!? In addition, I asked her how much I could charge to my account if I were to purchase the phone in question out right, and she says $100! $100?!?!? Why when over 6 month ago I could charge over $400 and have paid my balance every month ON TIME and IN FULL. SHE ALSO STATED CHARGES HAVE BEEN MADE ON MY ACCOUNT AND COULD NOT TELL ME WHAT THEY WERE! LIKE ARE KIDDING ME VERIZON!!!!! Then I asked her why I cannot get any more discounts on my bill because my roommate has Verizon as well and she was like oh you have the lowest plan! Never again Verizon, Your plans suck, your service sucks, and you are pretty much useless to me.

IN OTHER WORDS, I AM MAD! I will tell everyone and anyone to NEVER come to your company for ANY reason!

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This is a customer to customer forum, not Verizon customer service.

please don't post personal or identifying information.

if none of your lines are upgrade eligible, then you have to buy a phone outright.  What difference does it make if you charge it to your Verizon bill or not?  You have to pay the bill off every month anyway.