Lost phone on the Edge Program


I currently have a $320.76 charge on my account for the edge program. I have called Verizon 5 times to deal with this issue and my phone has been shut off 2 times after they told me they would not shut it off. I have spent over 5 hours on the phone with them and then was given an address to write to in which they claim I would receive a call within 2 days and its been a week and a half since I mailed it. Verizon is claiming they never got my phone. Although I have an email that states they have received my phone. I am very disappointed in Verizon and also have a call out to the BBB. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it. Also I was misled about this edge program from the beginning. I just don't have time to continue dealing with this.

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Re: Lost phone on the Edge Program

Community Manager
Community Manager


I see you have gone through a great deal trying to rectify this billing issue on your account!  I would love to assist in resolving this for you.

I will reach out to you via Direct Message so that I can further assist with this billing issue.  Thanks for being a part of Verizon Wireless!

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