Line access charge $20 instead of quoted $15


I switched to VzW last week for my family plan of 3 smart phones. When I was in 'chat' with Verizon last week (before switching), I was quoted per line access charge of $15. I tried to switch online and even there, it was showing $15. I did not want to provide all the personal info online, so I went to local Verizon store and told them the plan I was looking for (12GB family shared) and told them the online pricing and promotions. They told me that those are the right pricing for the plan and we switched over to Verizon.

Now, I got my first bill and I see $20 per line charge. I chatted with Verizon rep today and he basically told me that the price is $20 per line. I am quite disappointed because i was getting $15/line price from my previous carrier as well. Who can I talk to look into this?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Re: Line access charge $20 instead of quoted $15

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I sent you a private message so we can review your account and go over this. I want to make sure you are well taken care of.

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Re: Line access charge $20 instead of quoted $15

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AS a new customer the plan available to you is the Verizon plan.  All phone  lines on the Verizon plan are $20 - flat.

I Don't know who you spoke to, but they gave you wrong information which Verizon cannot be held to, since their plans are published. 

Errors made by employees or in print adds cannot be inforced