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Community Manager

DemetraC, you have reached the right person to get things going in the right direction for you. It’s great to see that you are proactively looking to secure your account. The easiest way would be to contact our Financial Services department via phone at 1-866-266-1445. However to process via online, you can:

1.    Yes, you can schedule a one-time payment up to 14 days in advance when using a checking account.

To schedule a one-time payment:
1.    Go to the Pay Bill page in My Verizon.
2.    Enter the amount you want to pay.
3.    In the Payment Method section, select the option to pay with a new or saved checking account.
•    If you're paying with a new checking account - Enter the requested information and click on the Payment Day to select the date to make the payment. Then click Next.
•    If you're paying with a saved checking account - Click Next. Then click on the Payment Day to select a date for the payment to be made.
4.    Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the transaction.
You've successfully scheduled a one-time payment in advance.

Note: You may cancel a scheduled payment up to the day before the payment date, but not on the scheduled payment date.

Let us know if you have any questions.

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