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Kyrocera Brigadier phone reset itself all data gone and phone locked out

My Kyrocera Brigadier phone i use for business reset itself (i did not do this) and is now locked out at the Google login screen. Even with the correct gmail logon the phone cycles through the logon screen. Verizon cant open it, Google is no help. This is a business phone with years of contact information and data. Verizon went to recover contents and there is nothing in the cloud back up (thanks verizon and google for managing this for me). The phone is totally wiped clean. Verizons response was those phones are junk and tried to upsell me to a new phone..really wow. I was also told Verizon has no control over this google or Kyrocera. Really?? That is like Levi telling me to contact the fabric mill in China when my jeans have a problem. To date, no resolve, no contacts but i still have a monthly bill. Again the customer is expected to bend over and take it.

If a company can not handle data back up flawlessly, let the customer back it up locally.

If you sell a product, stand behind it. I dont want to hear about internal divisions or your issues.

If you cant solve the problem, release me from the contract and buy your unreliable product back.

Very unhappy customer, but i am sure you dont really care

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