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Is there anyone listening?


I have tried to get a device removed from my account for 2 years now that I was sold by one of the sales guys in Valencia and he claimed that the device was a wi-fi enhancer.  My first problem was, that once I got the device from the store I didnt go home and connect it, in fact it was a good 3 months before I plugged it in and discovered that what the guy sold me was a land line.  I contact the support team and they basically tell me I am out of luck, they woudlnt let me return it, it is my responsibility and if I cancel it I would have to pay the early termination fee on it.

Nobody cared that I felt I was duped by the sales guy and not one person at VZW would help me get rid of this thing, so I had to pay for a device that was of no use to me whatsoever, for 2 full years.  Now i am telling you, I have called numerous times trying to get someone over there to take a look at this thing, its never been connected, never even once, never  been used period and I had to pay nearly $50 a month for this thing for a full 2 years all because some newby sales guy didnt have a clue (he was no longer employed there when I went looking for him after roughly 5 months by the way).  I really felt as though VZW stuck it to me but what could I do, nothing!

Last October I finally get a representative to give me credit for that device of almost half the price for the remaining 4 months (hey it was better than the treatment I had received so far and much better than nothing) and she advised me that in February 2016 the contract was up so if I go on line and cancel it, it would no longer be my responsibility.  Hooray finally, right?  I go on line and cancel it!  Yes, it was gone for a whole 2 months until boom, here is again.  Meanwhile, I am traveling across country for 6 out of the last 9 months and I dont review my bill, I simply paid it.  I figured the amount was so high, an additional $50 and it was due to the proverbial data overage.  Two weeks ago, now back at home, I log in and review my bill only to learn that darn device is back again!  WTH!!!  So I contact customer service and they tell me, "sorry you did not cancel it you only suspended it, there is nothing I can do"  Are you kidding me?  I asked for a supervisor, was left on hold for 35 minutes and she proceeds to tell me the same thing, because I didnt cancel it correctly, I was stuck.  Even after explaining the last 2.5 years of trouble I have had with this device, she refused to review my account as, "there are so many notes on this account, maam it will take me a few days to review them"  That is pathetic from any managerial stand point and absolutely unacceptable.  She was suppose to have my account revied and her Superisor was to call me back.  It has been 9 days, still no return call and the device still hasnt been removed from my account.

I would like the contact information to someone in authority from the corporate offices as well as the contact details for lodging a complaint within the VZW management.

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