Integrated messaging web app not receiving SMS as of Oct.24


I am experiencing an issue that began Oct. 24.  I use the integrated messaging (messaging+) web app from Firefox on Linux.  I noticed I was missing texts beginning Oct. 24 because I realized late that day that my Galaxy S7 received a number of SMS texts that the web app never received.  I also confirmed that the messaging web app when run from OSX (Chrome) is not receiving SMS texts.

However, I can still send texts from the web app and I notice that I can receive multimedia messages (MMS) on the web app.  But I have missed a bunch of texts this week and I can't afford to miss any more.  I am not able to take my S7 everywhere all day, which is why I rely on the web app.

I called Verizon tech support and he didn't even know what the web app was.  Verizon, please communicate this problem to the appropriate department - I cannot keep missing texts like this.

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Re: Integrated messaging web app not receiving SMS as of Oct.24

Verizon Employee

Nooknooknook, good thinking on trying multiple browsers. Since this started, we recommend unsubscribing from the service, then re-subscribing. While logged into the web app, tap the 3 lines, then go to settings. In settings, taps unsubscribe.