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I canceled order over a week ago and still says "pending" - can't upgrade now


I upgraded my line a week ago and the phone showed in stock at a local store. I called the store and they said the phone wasn't actually in stock and I should go back online and cancel the order. I did that. Now when I try to upgrade the line it still says "pending order". Between phoning in and chatting I have spent over 6 hours with support and nobody can figure out how to fix this. I'm at my wits end and ready to switch carriers. 

This seems to be an ongoing problem with Verizon, as I have read other cases dating back several years. I was told that my issue would have to be escalated up to IT to take a look at it. Another gentlemen said the same thing and he said three weeks later it wasn't fixed (and they never contacted him like they said they would - which they also told me the same thing). This is not acceptable. I want to upgrade my phone and nobody knows how to fix this long standing issue that has plagued several customers. And Verizon refuses to address it. Today they disconnected my chat on purpose and would not give me any confidence that this issue would be resolved, ever, at this point.

We have been Verizon customers for years, at least 8. And this IS NOT ACCEPTABLE VERIZON. This issue needs to be resolved so I can trade in my old phone and upgrade. Why can nobody fix this issue?