Hum cancelled one week after I got it but activation fee not waived


When upgrading my phone in a VZW store in January, I had to move to the new-style data plan, and was told that Hum was now part of the plan.

When calling support about this a few days later, I found out that Hum was not a requirement in any way, shape, or form and had 14 days to cancel it, which I did (7 days after getting it).  In my first bill (this month) under the new plan, I see credits and charges for the partial month, and am flabbergasted, annoyed, and not happy to see the $20 Hum activation fee was NOT waived and credited.

The billing support person I spoke with on the VZW 800 number told me he would also be very upset to get hit with such a fee, but was sorry, there was nothing he could do about it.

As I cancelled the service within the time frame, why should I be hit with this fee?  I never wanted or needed the stupid service in the first place.

I have been a VZW customer for many, many years (and also a FiOS subscriber) and am always amazed by the innovative ways they have to gouge even their most loyal customers.


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Re: Hum cancelled one week after I got it but activation fee not waived


you pay the fee because you activated the line. You don't get the activation fee refunded just because of the fact that you canceled within 14 days. You still activated a line and you still owe and activation fee.